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Haven of Horrors
Home of Horror & Sci-fi

Here at Haven of Horrors we are all about, yep you guessed it Horror and Sci-Fi. We are only dedicated to these two amazing and frightful genres. You may ask yourself what separates us from any other store that sells similar products and the answer to that is this, we do NOT sell anything other than Horror and Sci-fi. We know our competitors but unlike them you will NOT find any items such as music related tee’s or adult toys or random merchandise just to fill space. We know horror and sci-fi and we take extreme pride in only providing this. Of course there are thin lines like when a superhero crosses over to sci-fi and a comedy has a horror element and we take this into account when deciding what to bring into the store.

So whether you're looking for classic horror like the Universal Monsters or more modern like Nightmare on Elm St or classic Sci-Fi like Forbidden Planet but maybe modern Sci-fi is more up your street like X-Files we got you covered.

So, not only can you rest assured knowing that we have a wide selection of items but we here know what we're talking about. If you have any questions about anything related to Horror or Sci-Fi or our business please feel free to contact us.....We promise not to bite!

~~Stay spooky & Creep it real ~~


Haven of Horrors is owned by Haven Management Group Ltd with corporate HQ located in Calgary, Alberta Canada

Email: info@havenofhorrors.com