The Lost Boys Funko Deal

A cult classic from the 80's.

The Lost Boys is surely one of the most iconic horror movies ever, with an amazing cast, phenomenal direction, great effects and simply one of the best soundtracks that like the movie has just gotten better with time. We at Haven of Horrors are certainly glad Funko is bringing some of the older classic horror movies in pop form to the surface. Of course if we had our way we would do a whole line of Lost Boys Pop's with all major players, but we wouldn't stop there we'd more than likely release all popular horrors from the 60's and up in pop vinyl form, because you can never have enough horror...

Included in The Lost Boys promo deal is;

The Lost Boys David with Noodles Pop! Vinyl Figure, The Lost Boys Michael Emerson Pop! Vinyl Figure and of course The Lost Boys Sam Emerson Pop! Vinyl Figure.

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